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The Historical Faust: “Font of Necromancy”

The following letter counts as one of the primary sources regarding the historical Faust, who made his way into German folklore, legends, and literature. This letter is known as “Würzburger Faustbrief” (engl. Faust letter of Würzburg). Here we have a very upset Trithemius trying to dissuade Johannes Virdung, an astrologer, from trusting Faust. For context on who Trithemius was: Johannes Trithemius was a German abbot … Continue reading The Historical Faust: “Font of Necromancy”

100 Steps Cemetery: Brazil, Indiana

100 Steps Cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted in Indiana. I only live about 11 miles from it. It is located in in Clay County between Terre Haute and Brazil. It is a small, unassuming little graveyard on a hill off county road 675. It is a gravel road too. Upon arrival it is a very beautiful place. It looks like … Continue reading 100 Steps Cemetery: Brazil, Indiana

Three Worlds of Magic in the Renaissance

In this video I discuss the Renaissance worldview from Cornelius Agrippa. They are the Natural world, Celestial World, and the Mind of God. You can find my personal analysis in The Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book 1, Chapters 1 and 2. This is main basis of the magic that I perform. The definition is not strictly will-centered, as most modern views take this stance. … Continue reading Three Worlds of Magic in the Renaissance


Citrine is a crystal that comes in the colors yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange, and reddish brown. Natural citrine is rare. It is naturally found in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, and in the Alps in Austria. However, most citrine is made by heat treating smokey quartz and purple amethyst. This process would make Citrine ruled by Mercury since it was heat treated naturally or by man. … Continue reading Citrine

My Daily Personal Reading for 5/29/2021

Mars is 21°59′ in Cancer. William Lilly writes he governs the watery triplicity of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. He is in no terms. He is not in his rulership, exaltation, fall or detriment. Mars opposes the Moon in 21°02′ in Capricorn. She is in her detriment of Capricorn. She does govern Earth signs by night. She is the great manifestor of the world. With her … Continue reading My Daily Personal Reading for 5/29/2021