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Welcome to the Logos of Ophiel! The main focuses on the this page are educating and helping you in the works of the occult and magic, especially the more traditional fields of this predating the 1800’s. There maybe some exceptions, especially in the fields of the paranormal. The main content will cover traditional magic, traditional astrology, geomancy, grimoires, spirits, angels, demons, theology, natural philosophy, mathematical philosophy, ancient religion, and Greek Philosophy.

The history of Western occultism begins with Greek philosophy to the presocratics. Many of these Greek Philosophers like Anaximander, Thales, and Empedocles create the early sciences of the time. Then we have Pythagoras the great mathematician, music therapist, music theorist, politician, orator, and etc. He started his own movement. He was as famous to the Greeks as Moses was to the Jews.

Later we have Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These men furthered the Greek sciences with their own philosophies and others they compiled from past philosophers. These philosophers’ teachings helped move the occult forward in the west. Plato and Aristotle were important to magicians far later in the future. They helped found the Aristotlean, Pseudo-Aristotlean, and Neoplatonic movements that would inspire the likes of Arabic, Roman, and other Greek philosophers. We also the the PGM system which core to the tradition.

Magic was the thread that that tied all these men together in the Renaissance. From the wisdom of Plato to the voice of God that Moses heard leading the Israelites. The revival of antiquity found in the Renaissance are seen in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Marsilio Ficino, and others who sparked this intellectual movement in the third tradition of Christianity (between the Church and folk magic). There were obviously other influences, but these are to name a few.

If you would like a geomancy reading, specific spell work, to learn, or to have a spirit banished than you can click this link for the services: Services: https://logosofophiel.com/services/. These are quality services that took years of practice and study to help you with.

We also have a blog that may help you find what you need. Logos of Ophiel has some unique material that maybe hard to find or is completely here on the site only. Judith translated and wrote a letter from Trithemius talking about Johannes Trithemius here: https://logosofophiel.com/2021/03/16/trithemius-to-virdung-dr-faust-the-necromancer/. Robert has the only English interview with the compiler of The Book of Abramelin, Georg Dehn: https://logosofophiel.com/2021/03/25/the-book-of-abramelin-the-first-and-only-english-interview-with-george-dehn/. You may search the blog for any material you need on various subjects by the categories and tags.

If you have any questions you may click the contact tab and I will do my best to get back with you as soon as I can.


Logos of Ophiel was founded October 9th of 2017 as a YouTube Channel. Robert Powell is the founder. Powell created the channel for educational purposes for those pursuing traditional occultism. The many topics covered on Logos of Ophiel were (and still are) traditional magic, traditional astrology, grimoires, natural philosophy, theology, paranormal, Western mysteries, and people who influenced the western tradition.

Powell had Airla Sophia was the co-host for Occult philosophy on the channel. Taliesin McKnight and Robert ran a podcast called Magic Occult Radio. He also interviewed people like David Rankine, Dan Attrell (the Modern Hermeticist). Michael Levy, Agostino Taumaturgo (Brother ADA), Aaron Leitch, Georg Dehn, and many others. Powell also ran the podcast Shadows in the Dark Podcast with Ignis Cobra and Sam Shadow.

Logos of Ophiel created the official website http://www.logosofophiel.com in January of 2021. The content was expanded in both video and written material. Judith became a co-host and also a co-writer for the Logos of Ophiel. Powell relaunched the channel in 2020 with Judith via a podcast.

In July of 2021 Robert expanded the Logos of Ophiel to consist of his services. He added geomancy readings, spell work services, consultation, and work to banish spirits.