Podcast #1 – The Power of Kabbalah Book Review

I have been studying Kabbalah for some time. Every time I find a good book on Kabbalah I see that there are many types of styles of writing on the topic. Yehuda Berg certainly uses a great modern language to explain very abstract and difficult concepts. I must add that when I started this book I never realized how much it would impact my whole line of thinking. The Power of Kabbalah has actually helped me improve my life to a great degree. It is one of those rare books I would recommend that is not hermetic Kabbalah.

Berg focuses on Jewish Kabbalah and the 13 principles that help out the kabbalist. He does a wonderful job to explain Kabbalistic philosophy and theology to show how the practitioner can improve his or her life by accepting God’s Light. I found this book to be consistent with the teachings of my rabbi. When I meditated on the teachings of this book it was quite useful. The Power of Kabbalah is a small book with easy reading. It took me 3 days to read at work, but I read slowly to absorb all the information. Each line has a great amount of reflective impact.

The author says that is father was also a rabbi and kabbalist. I think that this is an important note to show that the material is not just from some random person making up their own material. I am a person who prefers to read material from some sort of authority in their field. It was pretty comforting to know this person had enough knowledge in this complexity to condense it down for the average person just learning Jewish Kabbalah.

There is so much to cover in The Power of Kabbalah that I do not want to leave any spoilers. But I will say this much. It is a self-help book that uses Kabbalah as its primary source. I actually appreciate this small tome and plan on reading it more as time passes!

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