Podcast #2- David Rankine on the Book of Gold and Grimoire Magic

This was an interview I did with Taliesin McKnight as we hosted the show with David Rankine. David Rankine has worked with one of the top scholars in the occult, Dr. Stephen Skinner. David Rankine has published and helped with several magical texts. Taliesin and I certainly had to interview David Rankine after coming across The Book of Gold.

In this episode Rankine is talking about the simplicity of the The Book of Gold in comparison to other grimoires, like the Key of Solomon family of manuscripts. The book uses the psalms for magic. It has creation of amulets in this grimoire. This grimoire does not use major works like other works. It is very distinctive and unique. However, in this particular we do not negate the power of the psalms.

Something most interesting is the usage of blood found in The Book of Gold. Many would debate the morals and ethics on using blood for any kind of magic. However, it was common in some some grimoires, like the Papyri Graecae Magicae.

David Rankine discusses his favorite grimoires. He also goes into the mechanics of how this magic works and how he uses this kind of magic.

I hope all of you enjoy this podcast episode as we go on this magical journey together.

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