Geomancy #1: How Geomancy Has Changed My Life

I have decided to to start a geomancy series blog here on the Logos of Ophiel. This is because out of all the forms of divination this has been my favorite and most accurate. When I talk about geomancy I am not referring to ley lines, Iching, the energies of the earth, or divination of earthquakes. Therefore, I am presenting an adapted Arabic of Ram’l into European magical practices. The Europeans added astrological correspondences to the art with western names. It was then called geomancy, or earth divination. So will not go into depth on what geomancy is in it’s nature or how it works. I will only break down a very basic understanding.

Basically, geomancy mimics astrology to an extent. There are the astrological houses that are standard. Then there are the 16 figures that replace the planets. However these figures are do have planetary and elementary meanings. You will see these have rulerships in houses, like astrological. Once you get more advanced you will know the kind of people they represent. There are lots of figures. It takes some work to memorize the figures, but they are worth it.

I have been reading tarot cards for a full decade. I even made a substantial living reading tarot professionally. A few sites have employed my services. The time spent at the these sites were amazing and kept me away from a regular job. There are no regrets to how tarot has given me a decent living.

However, geomancy fell into my life after I started going deeper into Renaissance magic and re-evaluating some of the knowledge that they shared with the world. Then I came across geomancy in The Three Books of Occult Philosophy and The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. I started to dig deeper and find more works from Stephen Skinner, John Michael Greer, and Christopher Warnock.

Resources to learn from:

1. Geomancy in Theory and Practice by Stephen Skinner
2. The Art and Practice of Geomancy by John Michael Greer
3. Earth Divination, Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy (Contains First Translation of Pietro’s De Abano’s 14th Century Handbook of Geomancy) by John Michael Greer
4. The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa
5. Geomancy Mini-Course by Christopher Warnock
6. Christian Astrology (3 Volumes In One) by William Lilly

I started 2 weeks of memorization of the figures on a rudimentary level with the houses. I then cast my first chart with a pen and paper. It was to my surprise that is was even more accurate then tarot. The more I practiced the more I found the results were direct without ambiguity. The level of subjectivity I found in tarot was banished, in my experience geomancy was more objective. This Renaissance divination was also very simple in its meaning too. I have never experienced this before in tarot.

A few weeks later I began to read for friends and they were intrigued by the results for themselves after a reading. I found a way to tell if a client was lying in a reading. There was also a way to see particular things going on in many levels of life in one chart from court cases, friends, enemies, magical timing, money, love, curses, spirits, and all sorts of other things. Thus, I found this to be a complete system of divination with the categorizations. The more I did geomancy the less I needed tarot.

The transition from geomancy to tarot professionally was not a good move because of the unfamiliarity people had with it was apparent. So the less utility I saw for tarot, the odds I knew there was going to be no way to ever be a full time geomancer. I had to come to terms with this fact. I was okay with it as the acceptance grew. The more magical my life grew the more power geomancy had in my life. At this point I was done with tarot as a whole. I still do tarot for clients who truly need it, but I mainly stick with tarot.

Geomancy readings have revealed the truth in several ways. I was working for a resort in Oregon, but I looked at the figure knowing I was going to be canned that day. Another time I knew that my friend was going to have a bad day and it was going to interfere with our friendship that day. It has been great for predicting troubles at work. Geomancy has exposed people wishing to slander and do harm. I have seen my own grandmother’s illness coming. There is also much more, but I only have so much I can say here. I find that geomancy has prepared me for a lot of things in life. It has improved my quality of life magically. Knowing how a spell was going to work makes a big difference because many people do not even know the outcome if they magical work. Most of the times it is the “hopes” that something will work.

I cannot tell you how geomancy is a true magicians tool that can be utilized. It was designed by practitioners and used by practitioners. Therefore, it will give those who do magic more access to secret knowledge. It can prepare you for for what is to come. Do not let the simplicity or complexity of it turn you away. Once again, this the first blog regarding geomancy and how it has impacted my life. I hope that you find this useful and it helps you.

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