Paranormal Case #1: Zion United Church Cemetery, Poland, Indiana

Disclaimer: I do not do investigations to prove the paranormal. I do not care if people believe me or not. My goal is to help people, regardless of who believes what. Nor do I assume every place is automatically haunted. These are just my personal experiences. I do keep confidential cases private. I also use public areas, private homes, get permission, and follow the the laws for all investigations. Information is released publicly is done so lawfully and if permission is acquired I get it. Do not tresspass, it is discouraged.

Indiana is among one of the most haunted states in the entire United States. There is one particular place that is mentioned from time to time here in Indiana as one of the most haunted cemeteries, Zion Cemetery in Poland, Indiana.

This place made the number one most haunted place in Indiana according to the Indy Star: Most haunted places in Indiana (

Zion Cemetery is more known by locals for being haunted, but it does not get the same national attention as Highland Lawn Cemetery in Terre Haute, Indiana, or 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil, Indiana receive. But it is an important part of Wabash Valley folklore. The Terre Haute Tribune Star listed it as a local folklore haunt: Valley has many legends to share | Valley Life |

It is more obscure, which has drawn me closer to this place over the years. Zion Cemetery is only about a 20-minute drive for me, so in 2017 I decided to see what all the buzz was about with this place. I did some research on folklore and community history. I just so happen to have family in Poland, Indiana too.

Zion United Church of Christ | Poland Indiana | Real Haunted Place ( says:

“Locals say this location is a hot spot for paranormal occurrences such as unexplained sounds and light, eerie sensations, ghostly whispers and the feeling of being watched. A helpful ghost is known to stop cars and tell people to turn around if they get too close to the grounds.”

Hauntings within Indiana ( says this about Zion Cemetery:

The Zion United Church Of Christ Cemetery is located next to and across from the Church at 3005 N. Bowling Green Poland Rd. Poland, Indiana 47868. 

“The oldest recorded marker dates back to 1840.

“The cemetery itself is rumored to be haunted, though most of the stories seem very generic. People who have been there claim to have seen strange lights, felt as if someone was watching them, and generally felt spooky. Others claim to hear the sound of someone whispering.

“It is said that there is a helpful spirit who haunts the cemetery, yet tries to protect people from entering the cursed ground too. Supposedly the ghost walks out of the cemetery, and stops cars as they get near. Some have even claimed that the ghost told them to turn back.”

Poland is an unincorporated community in Clay County, Indiana. It was founded at the four-way intersection in the middle of the town in 1841. They have a lovely little stop near the four-way stop. They also have a beautiful historical church. My family loves living in the area.

All of these things written about this place had me curious. I was wondering if there was something legitimate. The goal was to see for me to separate fact from fiction. So in 2017 in February I set off, unprepared with an EMF meter and SB-7 Spirit Box as my only tool to visit. I figured the local lore was just made up and total nonsense.

Well, I showed up around 3 AM (03:00), there was light snow falling. It was nothing major. It was cold, but did not seem too cold to me. I parked my car in the cemetery across from the church on the property. There was no sign saying the cemetery was closed at any time and it still remains that way at the time of this publication. I was not expecting much.

After that that I went across the road to just look around. I had my EMF out and my spirit box playing. The spirit box was ineffective during the whole investigation. But my EMF reader did spike to 10 millogausses as I approached the back then to 14. I was actually surprised. I did not recall anything in the area that could make it spark that much. So I was intrigued.

Then the next weird thing happened. It sounded like people whispering in the woods. It was 3 AM in the dead of winter. So that was a bit odd, I approached the woods near the back and heard nothing after I asked if someone was there. I do not see how I could hear whispers that far though. I was then walking back and the EMF spiked and I felt a chill go down my body. Something rushed me and I was touched. Then I booked it for my car and left.

So I could at that point verify that some of what was posted online was true. I tried to go three other times during the day.

In November of 2020, which was my third time, I went with a former friend. I saw something creepy, but it was not paranormal. There were some people coming out of the woods as evening approached. I figured they were cooking meth or doing drugs. It was wise to leave. This truck they got in followed me into town after I left.

I went back out on March 27 of 2021 and I was far more prepared. The time was 12:10 AM (00:10) I had everything with me for defense if I needed it, more proper equipment.

I parked closer to the road to keep an eye on my car. Then I started to use my EMF meter and go around the cemetery again, like before. It happened randomly by a grave. Then the second thing that happened was out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow move by a large monument move. It was closer to the road. So I turned around and my EMF Meter had a small spike in the exact spot that I saw it.

However, my short investigation was cut short because someone came to check out my car in the middle of the night. I walked toward the car and they quickly drove off. So I made my way home.

My conclusion is that Zion Cemetery has paranormal activity, but you should beware of drug addicts and bring a friend at the least. I have experienced activity here. I did experience a negative entity. There maybe some harmless spirits. People are far scarier than most demons and spirits. This cemetery has no sign it closes at night either. So it is open to the public as I wrote this blog post. I have gotten far better results at night at this location. Be safe at all costs.

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