The Origins of the Character of Och from the Arbatel of Magic

I was working on a blog post a few days ago, which will be pretty long and exhaustive but essential. As I was doing my research through The Picatrix, I saw a symbol I recognized. It was a symbol of Och from The Arbatel of Magic, the Isagoge. Och is listed as the Olympic Spirit of the Sun.

Both the Warnock/Greer and Attrell/Porreca list the symbol of Och in their versions of The Picatrix, Book II, chapter 9. It is used as a spell to ward off mice. It is solary because it focuses on the fixed stars of Leo.  However, in this grimoire written about 1000 AD, we see no mention of Och. It does not state anything specifically about the symbol or its usage.

In The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Isagoge, the Third Septenary, it says about Och:

Och governeth solary things; he giveth 600 yeares, with perfect health; he bestoweth great wisdom, giveth most excellent Spirits, teacheth perfect Medicines: he converteth all things into pure gold and precious stones: he giveth gold, and purse springing with gold. He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh him to be worshipped as a Deity, by the kings of the world.

He hath under him 36536 Legions: he administereth all things alone; and his spirits serve him by centuries.

This is relevant because I did not see scholars make this connection yet, via Dan Attrell, Christopher Warnock, John Michael Greer, or Joseph Peterson. I certainly think that The Arbatel of Magic is a book that has lot packed in a simple work. Anyone could easily overlook this. I found it merely by chance doing other research.


The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

The Picatrix

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