Geomancy #3: Generating The 16 Geomantic Figures

As referred to in the previous post, we discuss what geomancy is in context of this post. In this step you will learn the binary system of geomancy.

A simple rule to remember is:
A) An odd number = 1 dot
B) An even number = 2 dots that are horizontal

Lets take what we learned and apply it. Count the numbers and create 1 dot or 2 dots:


o o o o o o o o o o o =

o o o o o o o o =

o o o o o=

Every form of divination with tools has a system, or algorithm that encompasses the method. For example, in Tarot you have cards. For geomancy you have a few methods:

A) Sand or Dirt with a stick
B) Pen or Paper
C) Geomancy Dice
D) Geomancy Cards
E) A coin
F) Internet Software
G) Phone apps

I personally have a stick of geomancy dice. When it comes to a last resort I use a pen and paper. Sand or Dirt is not very portable for me and very messy so I avoid these methods. If I want a quick reading for a client I like to use the phone app. But sometimes I like the Christopher Warnock software for readings too.

Firstly, if you go old school sand/dirt with a stick is the way to go. You simply would poke a lot of holes in a singular line. It would look something like:


Secondly, you would use this same method with a pen and paper.

Thirdly, you can simply use dice or dice on a stick. You would roll the dice and create your figures this way. I prefer dice on a stick in my preference.

If you roll a 5 then would you make a 1 dot or 2?

Fourthly, you can use geomancy cards. This is not my preferred method, but it does suit some people. The figures are generally already made.

Fifthly, you can easily just flip a coin. with one side being 1 dot and other being 2. For example heads can be 2 dots and tails can be 1 dot.

Fifthly, I really like Christopher Warnock’s software from His system can automatically generate a chart for you!

Sixthly, we have the phone application called “Geomancy” from It is pretty good, but the house chart is incorrect.

Now. Let us create these figures:

o o o o o =
o o o o o o =
o o o =
o o o o o o =

If you did this right you get Amissio!

Here is another:

o o o o o =
o o o =
o o o =
o o o o o =

If you look here we have Via!

This is just the start!

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