How People Become Demonically Possessed

Time and time again the issue of demonic possession comes up in this field of occultism. There are many opinions from different people. However, there are maybe more opinions than people. Hence, I write this post because possession is a real occurrence that affects people. We have a few groups of people who have opinions on possession. Keep in mind this list does not cover all opinions. A note that I should place is that I do NOT believe every spirit is a demon.

A. Demonic possession is not real, but a mental illness.
B. Demonic possession does not happen the way the Catholic Church says it does.
C. Demonic possessions are real, but rare.
D. Demons are only archetypes.
E. Demons are just inner demons, not real entities.
F. Demons are energy.
G. Demons are real and possess people.

Once again, these are only a few of the options listed. There are many more opinions. I will go through a quick rundown of my own thoughts and experiences on the matter first.

A while back I was in a group regarding The Arbatel of Magic. In this small group almost all the people in the work have had some sort of issue from a spirit after conducting the work. There was a shadow figure at my door. My friend’s mother got attacked. His fiance saw some weird stuff. He experienced an evil entity.

There was another instance where I saw a chaote say that demons are not real in a case and he got pushed down the stairs that night by a spirit. He broke his arm. Oddly, afterwards he converted to Christianity.

In 2017 I would do experiments with a haunted doll and an SB-7 spirit box. I do recall a few nightmares. I can say that these were some of the darker periods of my practice.

Later, I would do the PGM and saw that these entities were very real, especially Hekate. Luckily, I was in my circle. It was the most affective thing next to the phylactery.

I witnessed an evil entity in Terre Haute on Margaret Avenue. It was real threat by throwing things, moving objects, and doing other stuff. It was a great feeling when David and I made that entity leave.

There are other experiences that I have went through, but they will not be listed here.

Demons are very real with a freewill. Although not all spirits are demons, they do exist. Paul writes that the human soul will even judge the angels and be above all angels. Origin and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa writes the human soul can become demonic when it chooses to stay on the earthly plane. Plato says these souls become attached the physical plane and turn into shadow spirits. But not all demons were once humans and not all demons were once angels in heaven.

Some use the argument that demon comes from the Greek word daemon that means spirit. Going through history of words does not change what demons have done, still do, and will do. Daemon was started to be seen in the negative light as we see in the London and Leydon Papyrus and Greek Magical Papyri, pagans generally converted on their own around the Mediterranean because they did not feel loved by the gods. It is why we see magicians wearing phylacteries to protect themselves from these spirits in the PGM. Scholars agree that the Greek conversion was not a harshly forced one. Constantine was not all the way Christian himself in a sense, he still allowed paganism to thrive in the empire.

There are other experiences I have had, but I do not wish to share them here.

Possession comes in 3 general stages:

A. Demonic Infestation
B. Demonic Oppression

B. 1. Obsession
C. Demonic Possession

There are some things that need to be realized when we talk about demonic possession. Firstly, it takes a long time to get demonically possessed. Secondly, people confuse demonic oppression with demonic possession. And lastly, there is always an open door that invites that entity to possess that person.

1. A demonic infestation happens when a person sees apparitions, hears footsteps, smells odors, witnesses objects moving on their own. A demonic infestation does not affect people, but property, objects, and sometimes pets.

How does a demonic infestation happen. It can happen from a tragedy in a home. It can also occur when a person is messing around with the occult, divination, or magic without the right training. I have seen demonic infestations occur with certain sins being made that the demons latch to a place around the person. Sometimes I find that these demons begin an infestation when they know that some people are simply attracted to some areas: haunted houses, cemeteries, battlefields, crime scenes, and etc. Demons are far from stupid entities, they will go to a place that they know will draw people to them. But you do have some demons that you will find in isolated areas too.

2. A demonic oppression occurs when physical attacks, nightmares, sleep disturbances, major illness, when a person is often sick, depression occurs, anxiety, when there are drastic employment issues, extreme financial issues, and relationship problems.

Many folks start to confuse this state of demonic activity to possession. However, this is not the case. Now I have people slide into demonic oppression rather quickly. This is where the demon starts to interact with you, not the environment. The entity is trying to find a way to make you the host with your passions, unmoderated habits, and those things we take for granted everyday. A demon can enter through small things like porn addiction, acts that contradict what real good is, and our passions that we can quickly lose ourselves in. This is where the occult can become dangerous for the person untrained.

I have personally seen some people who actively work with demons who have obsessed over these spirits, unable to hold a career, isolating themselves, living an unstable life, not being able to focus on the important things in life, and not taking real care of themselves.

I have seen many people at this stage and the demonic influence did not go further most of the times. To be honest, most of the cases I have worked with have been at the stages of oppressions. This seems to be more common than possession.

3. Some would consider obsession to be the next step, others would consider it to be the latter part of oppression. This process happens when person finds it impossible to sleep, life is much harder to keep up with, thoughts of suicide, and having the demon control their activities.

This is a state that I have seen one person in my life reach. The only issue is that they did not want the help when it was offered. A person cannot be helped if they do not want the help. I even had video footage of a shadow figure following this person around. They became toxic to be around, very little energy, suicidal thoughts, and they could not take responsibilities for their actions. There were known psychological issues with this person too. This person was a witch who rejected the idea of demons and spiritual warfare too.

4. Possession occurs when a person is broken by the spirit mentally, emotionally, and physically in the previous steps in order to take control of that person’s actions from time to time. It should be noted that a person does not lose their their freewill during possession. Possession does not connotate a demon entering a person’s body or soul either, just controlling actions.

In this final stage a person may have greater physical strength, speaking unknowingly in a language the possessed may not have learned, reactions to holy items, and talking about events the person does not know about. Demonically possessed people also react to holy objects. It should be noted in this phase demons can recall the sins of a person or bring up things about people that make them feel guilty.

I should add that I know people will have various opinions on the matter. But I do prefer a field that has studied possession for 2000 years and ancient demonology works over more modern mental views. I hope all of you have enjoyed this!

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