My Daily Personal Reading for 5/29/2021

We see an oppsition between mars and the moon.

Mars is 21°59′ in Cancer. William Lilly writes he governs the watery triplicity of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. He is in no terms. He is not in his rulership, exaltation, fall or detriment.

Mars opposes the Moon in 21°02′ in Capricorn. She is in her detriment of Capricorn. She does govern Earth signs by night. She is the great manifestor of the world. With her being badly aspected this will affect reputation and career.

Therefore, these aspects are very bad during the day and less bad by the night, because the Moon’s rulership in the earth signs by night. But that Martian energy can manifest head, breast, and stomach issues with its influence through the Moon. The moon in Capricorn can work against the knees and thighs. This is a bad time for goats too. This can signify a man who or ill-tempered person who is strengthened by night and weakened by day.

The Sun is 8°24′ in Gemini. He is making north node Gemini combust. He is in one of the northern signs of his terms, Gemini. So this adds some influence.

Saturn retrograde is in 13°29′ Aquarius, so he is in his day rulership of Aquarius. Saturn is directly and negatively shortening lives as he is on retrograde and making work more laborious as Aquarius rules man, but the trine to the Saturn in his terms lessens this. Sun in Gemini helps the legs and ankles and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius here harms the neck and head.

The geomancy shows the mercurial figure of Conjunctio is the Judge. This figure can be good or bad and is great for contracts, communication, or meeting with people. It can be great for commerce.

Acquisitio for me is gain in the first house. So this is a positive in demeanor, but the outcome of the day can go either way. But with Fortuna Major as the Reconciler today is going to be positive for gain.

This tarot reading is matching the astrology with Mars opposing the Moon. That there is going to be conflict today. Mars rules the blasted Tower too and potentially represents that king of Swords who is starting conflict.


IouStay positive, focus on business. Accept that there are enemies and they could be having bad days today. Ignore them and live life.

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