100 Steps Cemetery: Brazil, Indiana

Taken by Robert Powell on 6/11/2021

100 Steps Cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted in Indiana. I only live about 11 miles from it. It is located in in Clay County between Terre Haute and Brazil. It is a small, unassuming little graveyard on a hill off county road 675. It is a gravel road too.

Upon arrival it is a very beautiful place. It looks like a standard cemetery country cemetery. There are many veterans buried here. However, the sad image of vandalism and people abusing the graves is more than apparent.

The Folklore is fairly straightforward. I personally find it to be typical urban legend material.

The folklore says that if you count the steps going to the top there should be 100. A former cemetery grounds keeper will tell you how you will die.

There are some issues here. There never have been 100 steps leading to the graveyard. The steps have been repaved the last few years too.

I personally never took the legends as serious as most locals or the internet. I doubt this, or Highland Lawn Cemetery are as haunted as people claim. The legends are appealing though. So I can see why people would claim these are some of the most haunted graveyards online. But there is always a grain of truth in a lie.

Once of my friends went here and saw a shadow person in 100 Steps Cemetery. Not far from here there have also been sightings of shadow people.

If you have enjoyed this small blog or have any experiences then let me know!

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