Renaissance Magic of the Moon

William Lilly

Of the MOON, her generall and particular Significations.

NAMEThe Moon we find called by the Ancients, Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, Phoebe, Latona, Noctiluca, Prosperpina; she is neerest to the Earth of all the Planets; her colour in the Element is vulgarly known:

MOTION. She finisheth her courte through the whole twelve Signs in 27 days, 7 hours and 43 min. or thereabouts: her mean motion is 13 degr. 10 min. and 36 seconds, but she moveth sometimes lesse and sometimes more, never exceeding 15 degr. and two min. in 24 hours space.

Latitude Her greatest North Latitude is 5 degr. and 17 min.(or thereabouts) Her greatest South Latitude is 5 degr. and 12 min. (or thereabouts) She is never Retrograde, but always direct; when she is slow in motion, and goeth lesse in 24 hours then 13 degr. and 10 min. she is then equivalent to a Retrograde Planet.

House She hath the Sign Cancer for her house, and Capricorn for her detriment; she is exalted in 3. Taurus, and hath her fal in 3 grad. Scorpio; she governeth the Earthly Triplicity by night, viz. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Triplicity, Terms and Face [Note Lilly uses a different set of triplicity rulerships than I do] The Sun and she have no Terms assigned them.

In the twelve Signs she hath these degrees for her Decanate or Face.

In TAURUS, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
In CANCER, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

Page 81

In LIBRA, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
In SAGITTARIUS, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
In AQUARIUS, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

Nature She is Feminine, Nocturnal Planet, Cold, Moyst and Flegmatique.

Manners & Actions, when well dignified. She signifieth one of composed Manners, a soft, tender creature, a Lover of all honest and ingenuous Sciences, a Searcher of, and Delighter in Novelties, naturally propense to frit and shift his Habitation, unstedfast, wholly caring for the present Times, Timorous, Prodigal, and easily Frighted, however loving Peace, and to live free from the cares of this Life, if a Mechannick, the man learnes many Occupations, and frequently wil be tampering with many wayes to trade in.

When ill dignified. A meer Vagabond, idleperson, hating Labour, a Drunkard, a Sot, one of no Spirit or Forecast, delighting to live beggarly and carefly, one content in no condition of Life, either good or il.

Corporature She generally presenteth a man of fair stature, whitely coloured, the Face round, gray Eyes, and a little Touring; much Hair both on the Head, Face, and other parts; usually one Eye a little larger then the other; short Hands and fleshy, the whole Body inclining to be fleshy, plump, corpulent and flegmatique: if she be impedited of the Sun in a Nativity or Question, she usually signifies some blemish in, or neer the Eye: a blemish neer the Eye, if she be impedited in Succedant Houses; in the Sight, if she be unfortunate in Angles and with fixed Starres, called Nebulose.

Quality of Men and Profession. She signifieth Queens, Countesses, Ladies, all manner of Women; as also the common People, Travellers, Pilgrims, Sailors, Fishermen, Fish-mongers, Brewers, Tapsters, Vintners, Letter-carriers, Coach-men, Hunts-men, Messengers, (some say the Popes Legates) Marriners, Millers, Ale-wives, Malstors, Drunkards, Oister-wives, Fisher-women, Chare-women, Tripe-women, and generally such Women as carry Commodities in the Streets; as also, Midwives, Nurses, &c, Hackney-men, Water-men, Water-bearers.

SICKNESSES. Apoplexies, Palsie, the Chollick, the Belly-ache,

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Disease in the Left Side, Stones, the Bladder and members of Generation, the Men-stries and Liver; in Women Dropsies, Fluxes of Belly, all cold Rheumatick Diseases, cold Stomack, the Gout in the Rists and Feet, Sciatica, Chollick, Worms in Children and men, Rheumes or Hutts in the Eyes, viz. in the Left of Men, and Right of Women: Sursets, rotten Coughs, Convultion fits, the Falling sicknesse, Kings-evil, Apostems, smal Pox and Measels.

COLOUR & SAVOURS. Of Colours the White, or pale Yellowish White, pale Green, or a little of the Silver-colour. Of Saviours, the Fresh, or without any flavour, such as is in Hearbs before they be ripe, or such as doe moysten the Brain, &C.

HEARBS & PLANTS Those Hearbs which are subject to the Moon have soft and thick juicy leaves, of a waterish or a little sweetish taste, they love to grow in watry places, and grow quickly into a juicy magnitude; and are. The Colwort, Cabbage, , Melon, Gourd, Pompion, Onion, Mandrake, Poppy, Lettice, Rape, the Linden-tree, Mushroomes, Endine, all Trees or Hearbs who have round, shady, great spreading Leaves, and are little Fruitful.

BEASTS & BIRDS All such Beasts, or the like, as live in the water; as Frogs, the Otter, Snailes, &c. the Weasel, the Cunny, all Sea Fowls, Coockoe, Geese and Duck, the Night-Owle.

FISHES The Oyster and Cockle, all She-fish, the Crab and Lobster, Tortoise, Eeles.

PLACES. Fields, Fountains, Baths, Havens of the Sea, Highwayes and Desertplaces, Port Towns, Rivers, Fish-ponds, standing Pools, Boggy places, Common-shoars, little Brooks, Springs.

METALS Silver.

STONES. The Selenite, all soft Stons, Cristals.

WEATHER. With Saturn cold Ayre; with Jupiter Serene; with Mars Winds red Clouds; with the Sun according to the Season; with Venus and Mercury Showres and Winds.

WIND In Hermetical operation, she delighteth towards the North, and usually when she is the strongest Planet in the Scheam, viz. in any Lunation, she stirs up Wind, according to the nature of the Planet she next applies unto.

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ORBE. Is 12. degrees before and after any Aspect.

YEERS. Her greatest yeers are 321. greater 108. mean 66, least 25. in conceptions she ruleth the seventh moneth.

COUNTRIES. Holland, Zealand, Denmarke, Norimberge, Flanders.

ANGEL. Gabriel.

DAY OF THE WEEK Her day is Monday the first hour and the eight, after the rise of the Sun.

The Nodes of the Moon [Note: the North Node of the Moon is known as the Caput Draconis, the Head of the Dragon and the South Node as the Cauda Draconis, the Tail of the Dragon. The Nodes are the points where the orbit of the Moon intersects the Ecliptic, the orbit of the Sun.]

The Head of the Dragon is Masculine, of the nature of Jupiter and Venus, and of himself a Fortune; yet the Ancients doe say, that being in Conjunction with the good he is good, and in conjunction with the evil Planets they account him evil.

The Tayle of the Dragon is Feminine by Nature, and clean contrary to the Head; for he is evil when joyned with good Planets, and good when in conjunction with the malignant Planets. This is the constant opinion of all the Ancients, but upon what reason grounded I know not; I ever found the North Node equivalent to either of the Fortunes, and when joyned with the evil Planets to lessen their malevolent signification; when joyned with the good to increase the good promised by them:

For the Tayle of the Dragon, I always in my practise found when he was joyned with the evil Planets; their malice or the evil intended thereby was doubled and trebled, or extreamly augmented, &c. and when he chanced to be conjunction with any of the Fortunes who were significators in the question, though the matter by the principal significator was fairely promised, and likely to be perfected in a smal time; yet did there ever fal out many rubs and disturbances, much wrangling and great controversie, that the businesse was many times given over for desperate ere a perfect conclusion could be had; and unlesse the principal significators were Angular and wel fortified with essential dignities, many times unexpectedly the whole matter came to nothing.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa


What things are Lunary or under the power of the Moon.

These things are Lunary, amongst Elements, viz. the Earth, then the Water, as well that of the Sea, as of the Rivers, and all moist things, as the moisture of Trees, and Animals, especially they which are White, as the Whites of Eggs, fat, sweat, flegme, and the superfluities of bodies. Amongst tasts, salt, and insipid
Amongst Metals, Silver; amongst stones, Crystall, the Silver Marcasite, and all those stones that are White, and Green. Also the stone Selenites, Lunary, shining from a white body, with a yellow brightness, imitating the motion of the Moon, having in it the figure of the Moon which daily increaseth, or decreaseth as doth the Moon. Also Pearls, which are generated in shels of fishes from the droppings of Water, also the Berill.
Amongst Plants and Trees, these are Lunary, as the Selenotropion, which turns towards the Moon, as doth the Heliotropion towards the Sun, and the Palme tree sends forth a bough at every rising of the Moon; Hyssope also, and Rosemary, Agnus Castu, and the Olive-tree, are Lunary. Also the Hearb Chinosta, which increaseth, and decreaseth with the Moon, viz. in substance, and number of leaves, not only in Sap, and vertue, which indeed is in some sort common to all Plants, except Onions, which are under the influence of Mars, which have contrary properties
Lunary Animals are such as delight to be in mans company, and such as do naturally excell in love, or hatred, as all kinds of Dogs: The Chameleon also is Lunary, which alwaies assumes a colour according to the variety of the colour of the object: as the Moon changeth her nature according to the variety of the Signe which it is found in.
Lunary also are Swine, Hinds, Goats, and all Animals whatsoever, that observe, and imitate the motion of the Moon: As the Baboon, and Panther, which is said to have a spot upon her shoulder like the Moon, increasing into a roundness, and having horns that bend inwards. Cats also are Lunary, whose eyes become greater or less, according to the course of the Moon: and those things which are of like nature, as Menstruous blood, of which are made wonderfull and strange things by Magicians;
Lhe Civet-Cat also changing her sex, being obnoxious to divers Sorceries, and all Animals that live in water as well as on land: as Otters, and such as prey upon fish. Also all Monstrous beasts, such as without any manifest seed are equivocally generated, as Mice, which sometimes are generated by Coition, sometimes of the putrefaction of the Earth.
Amongst fowle, Geese, Ducks, Didoppers, and all kind of watery fowl as prey upon fish, as the Heron, and those that are equivocally produced, as Wasps of the Carkases of horses: Bees of the putrefaction of Cows, small Flies of putrefied wine, and Betles of the flesh of Asses;
But most Lunary of all is the two-horned Betle, horned after the manner of a Bull: which digs under Cow-dung, and there remaines for the space of twenty eight daies, in which time the Moon measures the whole Zodiack, and in the twenty ninth day, when it thinks there will be a conjunction of their brightness, it opens the dung and casts it into Water, from whence then come Betles.
Amongst fish, these are Lunary, Aelurus, whose eyes are changed according to the course of the Moon, and whatsoever observes the motion of the Moon, as the Tortoise, the Echeneis, Crabs, Oisters, Cockles, and Frogs.

How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.

The Moon with Cancer governs Bithivia, Phrygia, Colchica, Numidia, Africa, Carthage and all Carchedonia.

The Composition of Some Fumes Appropriated to the Planets.

For the Moon we make a suffimigation of the head of a frog dried, the eyes of a bull, the seed of a white poppy, frankincense and camphor, which must be incorporated with menstruous blood or the blood of a goose…
To the Moon the leaves of all vegetables, as the leaf Indum, the leaves of the myrtle and the bay tree.

What Places are Suitable to Every Star

To the Moon, wildernesses, woods, rocks, hills, mountains, forests, fountains, waters, rivers, seas, seashores, ships, groves, highways, granaries for corn and such like.


Mannerisms: The Moon: Simple, adaptable, a king among kings, a servant among servants, good-hearted, forgetful, loquacious, timid, reveals secrets, a lover of elegance, respected by people, cheerful, a lover of women, too anxious, not intellectually strong, much thought and talk.

Professions: The Moon: Engaged in business matters, missions. agencies, accounting; strenuous in rel1gion and divine law, skill in all branches; practice of medicine, geometry, the higher sciences, measuring land and water; growing and cutting hair; selling food, silver rings and virgins. also indicates captivity, and prison for the deceptions of wizards.

Relatives and Appearance: The Moon: Mothers, maternal aunts, elder sisters, nurses. Kings, nobles, noble matrons, celebrated,and wealthy citizens.

Agrippa on the Mansions of the Moon

Chap. xlvi. Of the Images of the Mansions of the Moon.

They made also Images for evert Mansion of the Moon; in the first for the destruction of some one, they made in an Iron ring, the Image of a black man in a garment made of haire, and girdled round, casting a small lance with his right hand; they sealed this in black wax, and perfumed it with liquid Storax, and wished some evil to come. In the second, against the wrath of the Prince, and for reconciliation with him, they sealed in white wac and mastick, the Image of a king crowned, and perfumed it with Lignum Aloes; In the third, they made an Image in a silver ring, whose table was square, the figure of which was a woman well clothed, sitting in a chair, her right hand being lifted up on her head; they sealed it and perfumed it with muske, Camphire and Calamus Aromaticus. They affirmed that this giveth happy fortune and every good thing. In the fourth, for revenge, separation, enmity and ill will, they sealed in red wax the Image of a soldier sitting on an horse, holding a Serpent in his right hand; they perfumed it with red myrrhe, and Storax; in the fifth, for the favor of Kings and officers, and good entertainment, they sealed in Silver the head of a man, and perfumed it with Sanders; in the sixth, for to procure love betwixt two, they sealed in white wax two Images imbracing [embracing] one another, and perfumed them with Lignum Aloes and Amber; in the seventh, for to obtain every good thing, they sealed in Silom the Image of a man well clothed, holding up his hands to heaven as it were praying and supplicating, and perfumed it with good odors; In the eight, for victory in war, they made a seal of Tin, being an Image of an Eagle, having the face of a man, and perfumed it with Brimstone. In the ninth, to cause infirmities, they made a seal of Lead, being the image of a man wanting his privy parts, shutting his eyes with his hands; and they perfumed it with Rosin of the Pine. In the tenth, to facilitate child-bearing, and to cure the sick, they made a seal of gold, being the head of a Lyon [lion], and perfumed it with Amber: In the eleventh, for fear, reverence and worship, they made a seal of a plate of gold, being the image of a man riding on a Lion, holding the ear thereof in his left hand, and in his right, holding forth a bracelet of gold, and they perfumed it with good odours and Saffron. In the twelth, for the separation of Lovers, they made a seal of black lead, being the image of a Dragon fighting with a man, and they perfumed it with the hairs of a Lion, and Assa fetida [asafoetida]. In the thirteenth, for the agreement of married couples, and for the dissolving of charms against copulation, they made a feal of the images of both, of the man in red Wax, of the woman in white, and caused them to imbrace one another, perfuming it with Lignum Aloes and Amber. In the fourteenth, for divorce and separation of the man from the woman, they made a seal of red Coppcr, being the image of a Dog biting his tail, and they perfumed it with the hair of a black Dog, and black Cat. In the fifteenth, for to obtain friendship and good will, they made the image of a man sitting, and inditing of letterss, and perfumed it with Frankincense and Nutmegs. In the sixteenth, for to gain much Merchandizing they made a seal of Silver, being the image of a man sitting upon a Chair, holding a ballance [balance] in his hand, and they perfumed it with well smelling spices. In the seventeenth, against Theeves [thieves] and Robbers, they sealed with an Iron seal the Image of an Ape: and perfumed it with the hair of an Ape. In the eighteenth, against Feavors [fevers] and pains of the belly, they made a seal of Copper, being the image of a Snake, holding his tail above his bead, and they perfumed it with Harts-horn, and reported the same seal to put to flight Serpents, and all venemous creatures from the place where it is buried. In the nineteenth for facilitating birth, & provoking the menstrues [menstruation], they made a seal of copper, being the image of a woman, holding her hands upon her face; and they perfumed it with Liquid Storax. In the twentieth, for hunting, they made a seal of Tin, being the image of Sagittary [Sagittarius], half a Man, and half an Horse, and they perfumed it with the head of a Wolf. In the twentie one for the destruction of some body, they made the image of a man with a double countenance, before and behinde, and they perfumed it with Brimstone and Jet, and did put it in a box of brass, and with it Brimstone and Jet, and the hair of him whom they would hurt. In the two and twentieth, for the security of Runaways, they made a seal of Iron, being the image of a man with wings on his feet, bearing an helmet on his head, and they perfumed it with Argent vive. In the three and twentieth, for destruction and wasting, they made a seal of Iron, being the image of a Cat, having a Dogs head, and they perfumed it with the hairs of a Dogs head, and buried it in the place where they did pretend to hurt. In the four and twentieth, for the multiplying of Heards of Cattle, they took the horn of a Ram, Bull, or Goat, or of that sort of cattle which they would increase, and sealed in it burning with an Iron seal, the image of a woman giving suck [breast feeding] her son, and they hanged it on the neck of that cattle who was the leader of the flock, or they sealed it in his horn. In the five and twentieth, for the preservation of Trees and Harvests, they sealed in the wood of a Fig-tree, the image of a man planting, and they perfumed it with the flowers of the Fig-tree, and did hang it on the tree. In the six and twentieth for love and favor, they sealed in white Wax and Mastick the image of a woman washing and combing her haires, and they perfumed it with things smelling very well. In the seven and twentieth for to destroy Fountains, Pits, Medicinal Waters and Baths, they made of red Earth the image of a man winged, holding in his hand an empty vessel, and perforated, and the image being burnt, they did put in the vessel Assafetida, and liquid Storax, and they did overwhelm and bury it in the Pond or Fountain which they would destroy. In the eight and twentieth, for to gather Fishes together, they made a seal of Copper, being the image of a Fish, and they perfumed it with the skin of a sea fish, and did cast it into the water, wheresoever they would have the fish to gather together. Moreover together with the foresaid Images, they did write down also the names of the Spirits and their Characters, and did invocate and pray for those things which they pretended to obtain.


Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology by Al-Biruni

Christian Astrology by WIlliam Lilly

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