The Operations of Talismanic Work | YouTube Video

  1. History of the Operations of Talismans
    A. The Bible.
    B. Ancient Religion.
    C. The PGM.
  2. Pre-requisites before making a Talisman
    A. The Intelligence or Spirit to be called.
    B. Reference for all timing and recipes.
  3. The Placing the Spirit in the talisman
    A. Day- Based on the Planet.
    B. Hour – Based on the Planet.
    C. Specific Astrological Timing.
    D. Ingredient – Based on the Planet.
    E. Oration or Prayer.
    F. Besmoking or Suffumigation.
    G. Preservation.
  4. Important Facts About Talismans
    A. They are Living.
    B. They should be and remain clean.
    C. They help you build relationships with that spirit.
    D. They should be done properly with no shortcuts.
    E. Not all talismans are the same.

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