Time: How precious is it?

Yesterday I had a bit of an epiphany and thoughts to consider as many projects and cases have been picking up. These past few months have been pretty wild for the most part. From April to June was the most adventurous time that I ever encountered. Judith has inspired me to bring back Logos of Ophiel late last year. So what is are some things I considered?

You do you.

Anyone who has seen my most recent YouTube videos has realized that I have changed as a human being. I went back to most platforms of social media to see how much I have changed. I am not as shy as professional as I used to be. Formalities have changed. But I do not mind having friends. There came the truth that I do not trust very many people. After going through post after post I realized that being around too much spiritual talk is actually irking. I am not saying it is bad or the people who do it are bad people. However, I am pretty much beyond that point in my life. I am not judging, but sometimes I prefer to go out or watch my favorite films. There are smaller things in life that bring me joy and we choose how we want to live. This made me contemplate on the speed of time and its important.

Building memories with people who matter.

As we read this now this now in the present, in five minutes this present moment becomes the past. The most vital people in our lives are our family and friends. I have lost a lot of great people in 15 years due to death and I know there will be more. Death will take any person regardless of age, sex, religion, morals, class, or where they live. It is truly one of the most blind forces that does not discriminate. I have become much closer to my family and friends over the years. I do not have a lot of friends. I am not sure I really want a lot of friends either. However, I will say that I want to focus more on people who are nearest and dearest. Live for the now, and focus on the ones you love the most. I cannot stress this enough. Time will take these people away, including you too.

Limiting distractions.

This world has taught me a direct philosophy. It is that you either love something enough to pursue something or you don’t. I think a lot of people have drive to do wonderful things in life, but they heavily distracted by their phones, social media, or the newest entertainment. If someone has a goal they work to achieve it. I look back at the past before people had our conveniences. When people like Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Ficino, John Dee, Aleister Crowley, and others achieved their pursuits there were not as many distractions. It seems almost like the modern world is turning people into zombies to get the most likes, make as many online friends as possible, connect with people over a Wi-Fi signal, communicate via texts, and other various aspects that will not matter in the end. The truth is we had less distractions. I am not saying modern technology is bad, but there is a human factor we need to communicate with others and the world that is being held back.


I am not condemning anything, but I can choose how I want to live. The art of making content is very important to my being and that will not go away. I am very thankful for those who support my content. I can acknowledge the large bulk of my content is online, but something has changed. I am now doing things offline without blogs, videos, and podcasts. I am doing more paranormal investigations, blessings, hanging out with family and friends, and other things that make life more valuable. Knowing I can live how I want to live and that is a choice is only the more empowering. It strengthens the faith in God and the freewill he gave me. This is a philosophy that I have realized more and more over the years.

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