Planetary Magic 101: The Sun ☉

The Sun has had its place within astrology and mythologies since ancient times; be it within the ancient Greek pantheon as Helios and Apollo, within Greek philosophy, or even within the Bible itself. In this particular post, I will go into traditional interpretations of the Sun, which are used in planetary magic of the Renaissance. I. Philosophy of the Sun Philosophers, theologians, and the like … Continue reading Planetary Magic 101: The Sun ☉

Planetary Magic 101: An Introduction

I. What is Planetary Magic? When we speak of planetary magic; then there are several concepts that can come to mind. What I am specifically talking about, is the type of magic where you call on and use the energies of one of the seven traditional planets in order to gain a certain effect which corresponds to that said planet. This specific model was especially … Continue reading Planetary Magic 101: An Introduction

Geomancy #2: A Short History

Geomancy has lost prevalence as a form of divination to tarot or astrology in the modern world. However, 400 years ago a geomancer was far more common than tarot in the western world. It has continued to exist in eastern countries. So when I say geomancy I am referring to this definition from Wikipedia: “Geomancy is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or … Continue reading Geomancy #2: A Short History

How to find Ingredients for Spellwork: Planetary Properties

Many people ask themselves how to determine what type of herbs or crystal one should use; especially if you want to write your own spells. There are several ways to write your own spells and rituals; but when it comes to ingredients it can get kind of tricky. Especially considering there are more systems than one in order to get your magical properties. In this … Continue reading How to find Ingredients for Spellwork: Planetary Properties

Geomancy #1: How Geomancy Has Changed My Life

I have decided to to start a geomancy series blog here on the Logos of Ophiel. This is because out of all the forms of divination this has been my favorite and most accurate. When I talk about geomancy I am not referring to ley lines, Iching, the energies of the earth, or divination of earthquakes. Therefore, I am presenting an adapted Arabic of Ram’l … Continue reading Geomancy #1: How Geomancy Has Changed My Life

Astrological Timing 101

If you have been dabbling in the occult and magic for a while, you will be aware of the importance of astrology in magic and my own practice in general. This goes further into “astrological timing”; a practice used in planetary and renaissance magic. An important thing to note is that astrological timing in planetary/renaissance magic exclusively uses traditional astrology. This means we go by … Continue reading Astrological Timing 101