100 Steps Cemetery: Brazil, Indiana

Taken by Robert Powell on 6/11/2021 100 Steps Cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted in Indiana. I only live about 11 miles from it. It is located in in Clay County between Terre Haute and Brazil. It is a small, unassuming little graveyard on a hill off county road 675. It … Continue reading 100 Steps Cemetery: Brazil, Indiana

The Historical Faust: “Font of Necromancy”

Johannes Trithemius; German Abbot and Occultist The following letter counts as one of the primary sources regarding the historical Faust, who made his way into German folklore, legends, and literature. This letter is known as "W├╝rzburger Faustbrief" (engl. Faust letter of W├╝rzburg). Here we have a very upset Trithemius trying to dissuade Johannes Virdung, an … Continue reading The Historical Faust: “Font of Necromancy”