The Logos of Ophiel writers do offer services separately from the site. Each has their own specialties that make them unique. So who does what?


Robert Powell is an ordained priest. He is not officially with the church, but retains his apostolic succession from the Free Church of Antioch by Archbishop Michelina, which is a part of the Independent Sacrament Movement (ISM). Powell has studied exorcisms and has successfully blessed homes, banished evil entities, and done works of exorcism.

Christopher Warnock, who runs, is his his teacher in astrological magic and geomancy.

Powell worked as a professional tarot reader for Oranum for seven years. Over 4,000 readings were done in that period and a successful 5/5 star rating was achieved in those seven years before Powell decided to leave the website.

The Logos of Ophiel (LOO) was born from the ashes on YouTube by Powell’s love for the occult in 2017. Occultism has been a part of Powell’s life since was at the age of 16.

What can we do for you?

Disclaimer: Please contact us via email or phone for a consultation first before we conduct any services. Keep in mind that services are unique to the individuals. Robert Powell and Judith offer their services that are separate from the Logos of Ophiel. You are more than welcome to donate if you like the service offered.

Paranormal Investigation with Robert
A service that allows him to help with any paranormal activity. He will assess with paranormal equipment to see if there is activity and offer his services with his ordination as a priest.

Geomancy Reading with Robert
Geomancy was once of the most premier arts of divination in the Renaissance. It uses geomantic figures to help you with your concerns.

Tarot Reading with Robert
Robert has read Tarot for 10 years. He has won awards on Oranum and maintained his 5 of 5 star rating for 7 years before leaving the site. As an expert tarot card reader who has spent years studying the system he will do his best to help you.